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Place of jurisdiction: Mülheim an der Ruhr, NRW, Germany

Dr. Deinwallner




  1. Responsible department


For Deinwallner - Financial Research (we) the security and protection of personal data is important. Compliance with the EU (German) data protection regulations, the secure handling of personal data and compliance with the standards and guidelines in the market research area are relevant to us. This includes maintaining anonymity, privacy, and voluntariness.


We process personal data (such as company, name, address, address, contact numbers, bank details) only in accordance with the provisions of German data protection law. In the following section we inform you about the nature, scope and purpose of the collection, processing and use of personal data.


  1. Privacy issues


For questions regarding data protection, please contact us via e-mail: info @ deinwallner . com


  1. Data secrecy


We and the processors are committed to the processing of personal information in the sense of the relevant provisions of data protection and confidentiality.


  1. Data security


We guarantee compliance with the organizational and technical measures pursuant to item 32 EU-GDPR (DSGVO) for the protection of personal data. Personal data is stored encrypted or encrypted transmitted.


  1. Contact with you


If you contact us in person, by telephone, via e-mail or, if necessary, through an online form, then your personal data will be stored for the processing of the inquiry as well as for any follow-up questions.


  1. Reasoning and execution of contractual relationships


For the implementation of market research projects, we collect, process and use data of interest, order data and order data in the case of quotation, order and contract processing, and, if necessary, the maintenance of contacts. In addition, the storage of contact data and contract-related data (such as. firm name, name, address, reference comments), as far as this is required for the purchase, the content, or the modification of the contract or business relationship.


  1. Order processing


We processed personal data and used them in the context of order processing for the client for the implementation of surveys (respectively studies). For each order processing, a separate contract according to item 28 EU-GDPR (DSGVO) is concluded between us and the client. Personal data is defined as individual information about personal or factual circumstances of a specific or identifiable natural person. The personal data, which are considered being relevant to data protection, relate in particular to the contact data (name, address, telephone number, e-mail address) of the person concerned, which are required for interview preparation and interview performance. Only anonymous or anonymous data is relevant for the analyzes. The cancelation of anonymity or the anonymization of the data for our or the client’s use, will only occur if an explicit consent and prompting of the test person takes place.


In the event that we receive data from the client, the client assures us that the data provided may be used for the purpose of establishing contact (advertising) and releases us from any liability in the event of his infringement.


Personal data will only be used or processed by us for the agreed purpose. Collected data is processed or used only for the specific survey.


We anonymize personal data unless the person has expressly objected. Data that has personal characteristics are stored separately in different files (such as individual details about personal or factual circumstances). Personal characteristics are merged with the individual details only as far as the person concerned has expressly consented to this.


Collected and processed personal data will be deleted by us no later than three months after the end of the research project.


  1. Deletion or blocking of data


Personal data is stored with us only as long as necessary to achieve the objectivedescribed in the previous part or as provided by the regulations for multiple storage periods. As soon as the purpose is achieved, or the project has expired, the corresponding data will be blocked or deleted.


  1. Right of access, correction, suspension, cancellation and opposition


We inform you at any time about your stored personal data, according to your right. In addition, you have the right get your personal data deleted, corrected, or blocking, except for the required data storage for business transactions. If so, please contact us via email. The contact details can be found above under privacy issues.


  1. Website


The protection of your personal data is important for us. Therefore, we restrict our homepage analysis on the standardized IT provider services. The explicit installation of cookies, analytic –software etc. for additional analysis is not focused, for your protection.


  1. Scope of the privacy policy


The "Data Protection" proclamations are valid since 2018, Mai 04.





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